A Defining Moment In My Life Essay

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Till I moved on, encountered new struggles and the elation of that moment dissipated in the wake of new challenges. Was it when I found out I could read strings of sentences and enjoy the world of books much earlier than my counterparts or getting enrolled in the city’s best schools at the tender age of five, right after my father’s unexpected demise or making my mother proud throughout my school years by ranking high in academics , drama and sports.

All those trophies, medals and certificates which then brought so much joy and cheer were relegated to the dusty cabins with the approach of adulthood and encounter with more relevant challenges.

I learned that slowing down and savouring life’s simple moments shouldn’t be an afterthought after a hard day at work.

I began viewing work as more than a means to pay bills and shopping sprees.

Working a full-time job as a journalist, while studying for a business degree, seemed like a walk in the park. Everything appeared to fall into place, in the trajectory of life as I knew it: I had my family, the degree, the job, the potential career path, the past failed relationships and possibly, one day, a future long-term partner in sight. The novelty of exploring other parts of the world was as strong and momentous as the immense love I carried for my future husband. It was a breath of fresh air to see a melting pot of desires, aspirations and artistic expressions, as varied as its colourful people and tribes.

I would eventually meet my other half, but I’ve never given it too much thought. I met people from all walks of life, and each time I discovered another universe waiting to happen, or, in Forrest Gump’s words, yet another box of chocolates.Connect with Denisa on Twitter @Denisa_Irene, on Medium @denisaireneoosthuizen and When I first heard it, I agreed with Forrest Gump’s credo in the same-titled movie, and it wasn’t only because of my chocoholic tendencies, or Tom Hanks playing such an unusual but highly likeable character.In my view, the big moments in life were the ones that made it uniquely and wonderfully yours: that unexpected first kiss; the one crazy adventure you’d talk for years to come; the love that got away, or the love that made you move mountains.Or, in my case, leave country and relocate to Africa.It has been a journey,a struggle to achieve that moment of peace, the moment of accomplishment, the feeling of knowing I have arrived and enjoy my place in the sun.The more I turned the pages of my past the more I stumbled upon each big or small accomplishment, which at that moment stood out like my moment in the spotlight. It all started in April of my sophomore year when she complained of exhaustion, nausea, a back ache, and bad breath. It was Easter morning and my mom was scheduled for a procedure to examine what was predicted to be a blockage in her bile duct; it was also the Easter we found out that it wasn’t a blockage or build up, but rather a tumor.A tumor that would require four surgeries, three months in intensive care, and the rearranging of her whole digestive system. The moment I walked in ready to tell her about my day at school, I could hear her begging, pleading for more ice chips.Cracking the tough competitive exams, landing a lucrative job were accomplishments nevertheless but did they define ‘the’ moment of success?I ‘m not sure, since isn’t something so momentous supposed to provide happiness that lasts more than just a passing moment.


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