A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Literary Analysis Essay

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For each main point that you select, support that point with quotes from the story, and then share your analysis of how and why the main point and evidence/quotes/examples fit together.

Your submission should look something like this: Topic Sentence: Character X is important because…Cited Evidence: We see Character X fulfilling this role when he says “so and so” (Marquez, year, page or paragraph number).

The story intrigues the reader to think about what the response would be if one was confronted with a supernatural phenomenon.

The author utilizes various inventive diversions that offer a unique approach compared to the basic storyline, which makes the interpretation of this message more elusive.

You'll return to this format in Week 5 to draft your thesis and first paragraphs for your final Portfolio, so really pay attention to the process of constructing those body paragraphs, then using those paragraph outlines to define and craft your thesis.

Remember that reader-response paragraphs are less formal than other types of academic writing.

On the same note, the themes and techniques used in the narrative are inseparable and intertwined.

The old man, who is the key character in the story influences the events that construct it, and the author often shifts focus due to interruptions that arise by the undertakings of other characters.

Because he contradicts their expectations, the characters we meet seem thoroughly incapable of understanding him; their conventional wisdom and superstitious beliefs lead them into absurd explanations for his sudden visit, and they treat him in a manner that seems cruel, unjust, and ignorant.

Magic realism has been a popular and influential form, attracting a wide readership and a great deal of interest from literary scholars.


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