Advantages Disadvantages Being Famous Essay

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Every school, club, town, college they have ever been to or lived in will want a part of the fortune.

Sure they could donate some money to them but where do they draw the line.

Family affairs for the rich are strained, because of money being the mall concern.

The wealthy are caught In a struggle of trying to make friends and family happy. Trust is a very important element in life, which no one can live without.

Consequently, government was forced to reconsider the controversial decision.

Another reason is, celebrities through their work, motivate and inspire millions of fans and general public alike.They never do, so they tend to keep their distance between them and carry on a false friendship, even though in the back of their minds they believe that their friend is using them.The rich want to be known for the person they are, not by their money.Disadvantages of being rich There are many disadvantages of being rich.Sure, the rich can buy all the material items they want, but is that all there is to life?Also the rich often sign pre-nuptial agreements Just because of their paranoia of marrying someone who Just wants their money. Relatives will hold grudges against each other If they feel they got the bad end of the deal, Its also the same In family operated businesses, nobody seems to be satisfied.The rich have to be very careful when dealing with these matters because if they’re mishandled they can tear a family apart.They hold back feelings, because they don’t know If their partner feels the same way; the rich are scared of commitment. For example, if the head of a family dies and he didn’t write a will, everybody goes after the money.The question will always remain with the wealthy about whether the person really loves them for them or their money. Brothers and sisters will betray each other Just so they may be able to get more than the other.If the rich give money to one organization, everybody will be expecting donations.Thieve never going to make everybody happy, and that’s Just another added stress to life.


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