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This means you should choose potential sources wisely.Writing a good thesis on your topic of anatomy or marine biology will depend on what you know about your idea.

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The instructor of HIST 6693 and Director of Public History will then determine whether the student is sufficiently prepared to enter the thesis track.

If deemed unprepared, students may be encouraged to pursue the traditional history track via the exam option, or to leave the program.

calretinin, parvalbumin, calbindin, NO-synthase, neuropeptide Y, somatostatin, cholecystokinin, vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and choline-acetyltransferase) by immunohistochemistry and quantitative electron microscopy. Investigation of contour integration processing in the primary visual cortex using voltage sensitive dye imaging Supervisor: Dr. Role of PACAP signalling in cartilage differentiation and regeneration Supervisor: Dr. The role of the molecular clock in healthy and osteoarthritic chondrocytes Supervisor: Dr. Investigation of signalling mechanisms that regulate cartilage development and maturation Supervisor: Dr. Role of pro-inflammatory cytokines in neuron-glia interaction during inflammatory pain states Supervisor: Dr. Investigation of neuronal network development in the spinal cord Supervisor: Dr. Quantitative morphological studies of primary afferent-motoneuron connections in the frog's brainstem. Klára Matesz Extracellular matrix (ECM) of the central nervous system plays important role in the plasticity of neuronal contacts. It serves as great model for regeneration research. Regeneration of the optic nerve in the frog Supervisor: Dr.

Botond Gaál Unlike in mammals, amphibian’s central nervous system has high regenerative capacity.

One thing to consider when coming up with topic ideas is the right resources.

There are many websites, reference books, and even mobile apps offering potential ideas depending on how you look at the information. This includes writing down ideas that pop into your head.An injured optic nerve of frog gains back its functions within few weeks. Extracellular matrix molecules in the motor nuclei of the eye in the mouse Supervisor: Dr.Botond Gaál In the eye movement nuclei of mice the extracellular matrix composition shows specific patterning.You are not required to have a separate historiography section but the thesis must be grounded in relevant historiography. Scholarly essay (25-35 pages) Any thesis in the master’s program must be based on original research and should add to the literature on the topic.This section will not only serve the purposes of the public history thesis, but would be an adequate writing sample should the student decide to pursue doctoral study.Finally, original scholarship is vital to the preparation of any historian, especially those who enter the field of public history. Thesis Project Students will develop a public history project in conjunction with their thesis topic and in consultation with the Director of Public History.Students may develop a historic preservation project, an exhibit for a museum or historic site, a website or online resource for an organization, or a short film or podcast series (though students are not limited to these choices).Undergraduate Project Topics for Thesis Work (last updated: 27/09/2017) 1. Local synaptic connections of projection neurons in spinal lamina I Supervisors: Dr. Ervin Wolf We are testing our new MFM (morphofunctional matrix) method to establish the usefulness of this technique in classification of neurons based on both neuronal geometry and on the way how dendrites of different neurons conduct postsynaptic potentials.Interrogation of spinal dorsal horn circuits with electrophysiological and optogenetic tools Supervisors: Dr. We use computers to simulate and analyse impulse propagation in geometrically faithful models of neurons and then apply statistical procedures to group these neurons based on their dendritic structure and their impulse propagation.What information should people know about the topic to make it interesting but clear with logic?Don’t wait until the last minute to get started writing. Use an outline to help keep track of discussion points and to ensure information is well presented.


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