Andrea Fraser Whitney Biennial 2012 Essay

Andrea Fraser Whitney Biennial 2012 Essay-21
Survey, videos, a selected history of artist organizing, a reading list, and writing about W. This data illustrates whether or not artists received any form of payment, compensation or reimbursement from specific institutions, including the coverage of any expenses. A total of 731 respondents provided data about Small to Medium Non-profit Institutions, while 246 respondents provided data about Large Non-profit Institutions and Museums. Results were compared using the number of artists in an exhibition as a factor. Hyperallergic, December 2017 Carnegie International Named First W.

Equally jarring when considering the sounds of Sing Sing are the museum’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

If the XL-sized portholes on the museum’s eastern wing look out over the expensive new condominiums and developments that followed the arrival of the High Line, those on its western flank soar over the concrete and asphalt of New Jersey, as well as a large swath of the brimming Hudson River below.

As she told one interviewer recently “I am bringing the sounds of Sing Sing to the Whitney’s fifth floor to link art museums and prisons; they are two sides of the same coin of inequality.” Fraser’s site-specific project uses audio she recorded at the legendary Sing Sing Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison that storehouses inmates in six-by-nine foot cells and which is surrounded by guard towers, high walls and razor wire.

Reproduced inside the museum’s 18,200 square foot fifth floor space—the aerie is reportedly the largest column-free gallery in New York—Fraser’s bare bones installation covers miles of geographical and moral ground.

The visual arts division of the New Deal/Works Progress Administration provides employment for approximately 5000 artists across 48 states through the Federal Art Project until 1943. In 1977 members of the BVAU protest the $4 entry fee for "The Massachusetts Open" at Worcester Art Museum. Hike Metalsmith Tech, Spring 2018 Integrity and Nonprofit Values: Examples of Alignment and Misalignment Nonprofit Quarterly, April 2018 #Paietonartiste First W.

Organization founded in 1936 in response to the call of the Popular Front and the American Communist Party for formations of literary and artistic groups against the spread of Fascism. Founded in 1972 with the publication of Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community by Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James, the International Wages for Housework Campaign demanded remuneration from the state for unwaged work in the home and community, asserting that the work women do outside of the market produces the whole working class - and thus the market economy, based on those workers, is built on women's unwaged work.

A text written for and presented at The Alliance of Artists Communities Annual Conference in October 2015, representing W. A text written for and read at The Artist As Debtor: Art in the Age of Speculative Capitalism in New York and at Public Assets: Small-Scale Arts Organisations and the Production of Value in London, 2015. It collected responses anonymously, and was distributed via Web and Email outreach using W. The combined reach of these mailings was to approximately 50,000 people. Respondents were asked to define the size of the exhibition within three different categories: solo exhibition, 2-5 artists and 6 artists or more. E.-Certified Biennial-Style Show ARTnews, December 2017 Fifty-Seventh Edition of Carnegie International Is the First Biennial Certified by W.

E.'s initial thoughts on guidelines for compensation within residency programs. The survey was launched on September 22, 2010 and remained open until May 1, 2011. E.'s mailing list, Facebook, various LISTSERVS, and an e-flux announcement. Demographic information is representative of the 977 respondents who began the survey but not necessarily of those who provided specific information about their payment experiences, since only 577 of those who answered demographic questions also exhibited in a non-profit arts institution between 2005-2010.

Birds hover and swoop over the water with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.

If you follow the same riverbank upstream, you will eventually arrive at the gates of Sing Sing.


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