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For example, the Q3 argument prompt will always direct students to “take a position” on a specific subject.No longer do students have to prepare for argument prompts that ask them to English Language Exam, essays are graded “holistically,” which means they are graded on the overall impression that the essay makes.Do it efficiently, and you'll know what you want to write and the order in which you'll present your ideas.

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Fewer Multiple-Choice Questions On the new AP English Language Exam, students will have more time per question because the total number of questions is going down from 55 to 45.

That may sound like a minor difference, but students often run out of time on the final ten questions or so, so this change could help students finish on time.

You will be given an essay-writing booklet in which to write your essays; the actual test booklet includes some blank space to plan your essays.

With an average time of only 40 minutes per essay, you should divide your time as follows.

The free-response section of the AP English Language and Composition exam requires you to write three essays — a synthesis essay that requires reading several passages, an argument essay that presents a single passage, and rhetorical purpose analysis that calls for exploring an author's ideas in greater depth.

Students are given 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the essays.The free-response section will still last two hours and 15 minutes and count for 55% of your total score.The free-response questions will essentially stay the same but will be graded with a different rubric.Even though the College Board has released a new “Course and Exam Description” that changes the official curriculum, most AP English Language Exam are notorious for being confusing, boring, and LONG.By making the passages shorter, the College Board is giving students the chance to focus on reading closely and finishing the multiple-choice section on time. New Multiple-Choice Questions One of the most important changes to the AP English Language Exam is a new kind of multiple-choice question, which will take up almost half of the multiple-choice section.This organizational time is crucial to producing a high-scoring essay.In the first 10 minutes, you need to follow these steps.“The James Charles scandal is such a big deal right now and everyone knows so much about it that it just seemed like one of those topics that would be easy to write in detail about,” a student named Maya told Pedestrian. Buy The AP English Literature Cliffs Notes Book Here and the AP English Language Cliffs Notes Book Here!, which we plan to release in October, has been realigned to these changes.For teachers and students alike, these changes matter and are worth getting to know sooner rather than later.


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