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It’s important because it can add some volume to your essay and increase the impact of your words.#7.Combine and Separate Sentences Once the essay is written, go back through the writing to find any sentences that seem too long or wordy. Have a Native English Speaker Edit Your Essay Meet up with a friend who is fluent in English (or, at least, more fluent than you).

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Act Like a Reporter When you are first assigned the topic, go ahead and really explore the possible options for your thesis. A strong essay is one that covers a lot of content in a succinct (short, to-the-point) way.

This process of acting like a reporter will give you valuable quotes, resources and vocabulary to begin the writing process.#3.

Many native speakers learned improper grammar from the start.

It’s difficult to undo the damage caused by a lifetime of writing improperly.

Is there a need to hire an essay expert to enter the college of your dream?

Ap Language Essays

To increase the chances of being accepted to the target institution, contact professional AP and admissions essay writers online who can compose the entire essay for cheap!

Read Backwards Proper grammar is difficult for even the most fluent English speakers.

Because you are learning English, you actually have an advantage.

This way, you won’t be fooled by how the words sound when you read them in your head.#6.

Use an Online Thesaurus and a Dictionary You might have learned a large number of fancy words when studying for an entrance exam.


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