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Last are the adults, they use Apple products to stay in touch with each other and have a little enjoyment in live by socializing with others.Place Strategy- When you see a long running line outside of a store that means it’s the Apple store.Another threat can be the tax increase, price pressure from Samsung over key components, and most important if the competitors move in online music marketing. As I was reading the chapter 2, I realized that Apple Inc plays a major role in our everyday’s life.

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Apple Company’s threats could be the rapid technological change, which means that the interest of buyers can change anytime and result as a failure.

Strategy Business Units means that large companies may manage a number of very different businesses.

Where there is large amount of businesses, demand and success, there also comes the challenges and hard time but other competitive companies.

All three objectives are very important to Apple Company.

Since, Apple Company is world wide known that explains the it can also considered as Strategic Business Units(SBU).


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