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Once that is established the review can proceed to a consideration of the quality of the work itself - and you won’t have to spend a lot of valuable time in the review answering questions."Mark Sterling, Director, Master of Urban Design program 3."Everything you need is here: Printing FAQ."Yuri Lomakin, Information Technologist 4. The atmosphere of the room, they way you will present, the mood, the light...everything needs to be an experience aligned with the content and goals of your thesis.This will assist in directing the narrative and framing your argument for your final review.

Think the way you will start and even more important, the way you will finish!

Be relaxed, and your review will be relaxed too."Josemaría de Churtichaga, Visiting Professor, Architecture2014 Frank Gehry International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design 5.

Talbott *Committee Chair Please checkout Visiting the UW-Milwaukee Campus for transit and non–motorized options and parking.

The Master of Architecture degree at Portland State University culminates in the design thesis, which is undertaken in the final year of this program.

– AUP Commons Zechariah Krueger “School for Farmers” D.

– 1st Floor Alcove Randall Schoen “Low-Tech Smart Facade ” A. Get directions to The School of Architecture and Urban Planning building at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is located at 2131 East Hartford Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Additional information about the lectures and exhibitions can be found by contacting the main reception at (414) 229-4014, and by emailing any inquiries to Architecture Chair Mo Zell.Never try to have a defensive attitude, listen and answer by increasing the debate, not by confronting.Don't explain what your drawings or panels are able to say themselves."Model making will always take twice as long as planned.Visit the workshop early to make sure the materials you need are in stock."Elise Shelley, Assistant Professor, Architecture and Landscape Architecture 7."The foundation for an excellent final presentation begins weeks in advance with the preparation of a clear storyboard of the content for your final set of panels/artifacts.Present the key points in a clear hierarchy, so that small details don't require exhaustive explanation, as their graphic representation and hierarchical placement will make them understood.Speak in a manner that relays why your project is important to you, so that the jury will also be convinced of its value."Alissa North, Director, Master of Landscape Architecture program 12."Focus on your opening statement about the intent and scope of your thesis.The key to a good presentation and a successful review is your ability to get the critics to accept the underlying premise of your work.


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