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All artists and people alike recognized and continue to recognize Picasso’s work as art because of how influential and and shaping it was on his generation.Now we must decipher whether this piece was intended to be a work of art.The chaotic nature of the painting reveals the chaos and disorder of the actual event.

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ART CRITICISM PAPER “The Grafin von Schonfeld with her Daughter” by Elizabeth Louise Vigee-Le Brun       In the University Of Arizona Museum Of Art, the Pfeiffer Gallery is displaying many art pieces of oil on canvas paintings.

These paintings are mostly portraits of people, both famous and not.

They are painted by a variety of artists of European decent and American decent between the mid 1700’s and the early 1900’s.

The painting by Elizabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun caught my eye and drew me in to look closely at its composition.

Form an opinion as to whether the work is successful at communicating their idea.

Pose advice suggesting ideas of how to help the artist communicate their idea more successfully if necessary. 306 Institutions have accepted or given pre-approval for credit transfer.The time in this piece is very accurate of the late 1700’s and when viewing it, the time seems classic.The emphasis of this piece is mainly the mother and the daughter, however when looking at them you are drawn into looking at their realistic eyes.Not only is “Guernica” Pablo Picasso’s most famous work but also his most powerful.Painted as an immediate reaction to the Nazi’s devastating casual bombing practice on the small town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War this painting makes a very bold political statement.The eyes seem like the focal point which draws the viewer in to the picture.      The relationship in the painting between the mother and daughter give it a definite asymmetrical balance and maybe a little radial balance.Learn to describe the elements of line, shape, space, value, color, texture and form and to analyze with the principles of balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, proportion, repetition, and variety.Reference a primary source for the artwork and determine the artist's intention by forming interpretations based on evidence from descriptive and analytic exploration.Write a summative essay critiquing a piece of art using Feldman's Four-step Critical Method Describe elements by listing all factual information with elaborate detail Analyze the interactive organization of elements of design with the principles of design Interpret the message, mood, and meaning based on evidence acquired from descriptive facts, and analytic organization.Evaluate technique, composition, format, media choices/execution relevant to the artist's intention at communicating their concept.


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