Article Critique Assignment

If you are having trouble finding an article, go to the second floor of Memorial Library and ask a librarian for help or come see me.I suspect that most of you will go first to full text databases.The major general sociology journals are American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, and Social Forces. When you have found the article(s) you want, photocopy it, and write right on the photocopy the journal name, volume number, issue number, month, year of publication, and pages.

4) Give your own evaluation of how good you think this measurement is, explaining your reasons.

Now select the second most difficult variable to measure. Then do all of the above steps again for that variable.

You sometimes have to do this separately in non-PDF files.

If your interests are wide, general, eclectic, or uncertain, you may prefer to locate a supply of journals in the stacks or the reserve room and flip through them until you spot an article that looks interesting to you. Final approval will be given only on the basis of the photocopy or printout of the whole article; I will write approval on the copy itself.

I therefore strongly suggest that you use articles no more recent than the 1970's. It is OK to use articles you have to read for another class, if they meet all of the above criteria, but you may not use the articles in Golden.

A working rule is: if you can't understand the statistical analyses presented in the results section, don't choose the article. You must use scholarly articles for this assignment; these are found in professional journals, not general circulation magazines.

(You should get into the habit of writing the full citation on everything you photocopy.

This saves having to return to the library for the information when you later decide to use the material in a term paper or, worse, not being able to find it.) Don't save ten or twelve cents by omitting the last page of the references.

If you get an article from one of these, choose the PDF format if it is available.

If it is not, MAKE SURE to print out all of the tables and figures.


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