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A primary mission of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center is to train students, including undergraduates, in high performance computing.

To this end, PSC offers Coursework allocations which are grants of free supercomputing time to supplement other teaching tools.

But with some support from friends, academic advisors, more interesting classes, and a more focused field in the major I have decided to continue.” There were 9,721 undergraduate students who responded to CERP’s survey in 2015.

Students who indicated that they were in a computing major were asked, “Over the past year, have you seriously considered changing to a non-computing major?

Allocations are given in three categories: Startup and Research allocations are managed through the XSEDE program, and must be requested through the XSEDE portal.

You will need an XSEDE portal account to request an allocation; if you don't already have one, you can create one on the XSEDE portal site.

[But I stayed for] the security of the job market.” Yet another student noted: “The competitive culture [in my computing major] is overwhelming.

[But] the salary [that] hopefully awaits me [helped me stay].” Furthermore, students used the words “friends”, “family”, and “support” in association with each other, suggesting that friends and family support played a role in students’ decision/ability to stay in their computing major.

See the Coursework section below for information on Coursework allocations.

Research that is biomedical in nature is supported by the Biomedical Applications group at PSC.


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