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Importantly, they also include many other new interfaces, which for many are still prototypes (Kim & Forsythe, 2008; see Petit, Velasco, & Spence, 2019, for a review).

These technological developments might revolutionize the field of digital sensory marketing (Petit, Velasco, & Spence, 2019) and, in turn, offer commercialization opportunities for the technologies (Velasco, Obrist, Petit, & Spence, 2018).

They are moving away from department stores and toward specialty retailers, web-based retailers, and new online players.

They are making more purchases online, and are increasingly willing to rent rather than buy and to purchase goods via subscription.

With customers interacting with retailers through a myriad of touchpoints in multiple channels, devices and media, firms need to integrate multiple business functions–and even external partners – in creating and delivering positive customer experiences.

In this presentation, Kay Lemon and Frank Grillo will offer insights on customer experience and the customer journey in this era of increasingly complex customer behavior.

Indeed, over the past decade or so, there has been much development of digital sensory-enabling technologies in HCI (Obrist, Gatti, Maggioni, Vi, & Velasco, 2017).

These technologies include those already commercialized such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), whose use is still at the exploratory phase in marketing.

The IACL conferences which are held once every two years in different parts of the world have hosted judges, regulators, legal practitioners, bureaucrats, bankers, business groups and consumer organizations The goal of the IACL is to develop research networks and stimulate research and joint research projects in the area of consumer law and policy and consumer relations, covering all regions of the world.

Co-operation between government institutions, universities, consumer organisations and individual experts is supported, in order to develop research and teaching of consumer law.


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