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Guardians of the autistic child may also be trained to serve as a therapist under the supervision of a professional.

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This balance between excitatory and inhibitory synapses could be abnormal for establishing critical periods.

All these differences in the brain can explain autistic behaviors.

Synaptic connections between neurons are believed to be altered in the autistic brain.

There may be too many or too few, too strong or too weak, or the synapses may even occur in the wrong place.

It is linked to abnormal chemistry and biology in the brain.

An individual's autism case can fall on a very large spectrum of severity.The severity of the disorder is characterized on a very large spectrum that depends on the individual.Autism causes abnormalities in the brain and the cause of these abnormalities are unknown. There are many different types of treatments mostly including a wide variety of therapy and different tools and methods to be used in that therapy.Some cases are barely noticeable, while others are very much so.One in sixty-eight children in America are diagnosed with autism.Furthermore, it is noted that autism most likely affects areas such as communication, social interaction and behavior of the person. It is a communicative disorder that interferes with an individual's ability to form social relationships, as well as to communicate with others. "Evolution of autism and understanding via the world wide web." Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. However regardless of the severity of the disorder all children seem to benefit from early diagnosis and early treatment (pg, 254). [Read More] Pharmaceutical Interventions Only one prescription medication has been FDA approved for treating ASD and this is the antipsychotic medication risperidone for irritability (Rossignol, 2009, p. The use of any others are generally provided 'off-label' for non-FDA-approved uses and confined to treating the symptoms associated with ASD. In these environments, the problems in behavioral instincts might be more obvious compared to a doctor's home or his chamber. (Spring, 2002) "The Effects of Trainer-Implemented Enhanced Milieu Teaching on the Social Communication of Children with Autism" Topics in Early Childhood Special Education. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45(1), 90–99. Does the MMR vaccine put my child at greater risk for autism? Retrieved June 20, 2018 from https:// Vaccine Group, (2018). Retrieved June 20, 2018 from What is the correlation between children who do not get the MMR vaccine and end up Developing Autism? Describe/ explain in detail the purpose of the research and will it be qualitative or quantitative? By evoking a notion of disability that fundamentally disputes the assumption of disablement as natural or a detriment, these studies follow critiques of the social construction of gender and race and also chart out new grounds to extinguish socially disabling categories.Therefore, there is a strong tendency for the person to develop different psychiatric disorders. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD's) officially belong to a group of illnesses known as 'developmental disabilities'. Conclusion The purpose of this discussion was to compare and contrast two theoretical models of intervention in Autism. What is most troubling about using medications off-label is that the short-term and long-term benefits are usually unknown, especially in children, and the risk of side effects generally high. It is required on the part of the doctors to devote more time to test patients those who are less in age whom they expect to be having autism. (February, 2004) "Errorless Academic Compliance Training: Improving Generalized Cooperation with Parental Requests in Children with Autism" Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Vol: 23: No:1; pp: 61-66 Autism in Children Autism can be defined as a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction usually evident before age 3 that adversely affects a child's educational performance. Cox, A., Klein, K., Charman, T., Baird, G., Baron-Cohen, S., and Swettenham, J. Autism spectrum disorders at 20 and 42 months of age: stability of clinical and ADI-R diagnosis. doi:10.1007/s10803-014-2195-6 Van Hees, V., Moyson, T., & Roeyers, H. Higher Education Experiences of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Challenges, Benefits and Support Needs. Autism, also referred to as autism spectrum disorder, is a disorder that takes into account a variety of conditions signified by challenges with social abilities, repetitive manners, speech and nonverbal communication, in addition to distinctive strengths and differences (Autism Speaks, 2018). While a significant pool of research spanning the past fifteen years has failed to relate the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine to ASD (autism spectrum disorder), parents as well as other entities continually associate the two. Readings in virtual research ethics: Issues and controversies. his scholarship has unsettled how feminists conceptualize gender,……“Treatment for autism is usually a very intensive, comprehensive undertaking that involves the child’s entire family and a team of professionals” (“Treatments and Therapies” 1).Some of these treatment programs can be based in home or in a specialized center or classroom.As Figure 1 shows, the amount of autism cases is increasing as time goes on.There is no causes for why deformities in the brain occur, so finding a cure is difficult.


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