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You’re a decent writer and have lots of ideas, but you often aren’t sure where to begin.If you’re honest with yourself, your writing is okay with occasional stellar moments.We have writers of all levels of experience and ability reading Smart Blogger and in our Guest Blogging training program and Serious Bloggers Only community.

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What to read: Immerse yourself in books about being a writer and the writer’s life.

Leisurely read some writer memoirs, and you’ll be startled by how similar your doubts and struggles are.

There are three broad types of books about writing: Of course, most writing books will touch upon each type of writing advice.

But to improve your writing skills in the fastest and most effective way, you must understand what you need to grow as a writer right now and choose the appropriate book to help.

A few weeks in a newsroom with a couple of crusty copyeditors exploded that attitude. Objectively, unemotionally and dispassionately analyzing your writing is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to further your writing opportunities.

And as a side benefit, you’ll also be able to handle scathing criticism from ruthless editors.You’ve written a lot for a long time and have the mechanics mastered.But your writing experience has been centered in business, academia, medicine, law or other utilitarian venues.The change in your writing will be dramatic and permanent.Once you’ve improved structure and approach, pick one or two mechanical fixes to work on as you rewrite and edit with your new eyes.It’s far better for you to learn structure and good thinking habits early, and work on the mechanics later.Think of it from an editor’s point of view: A poorly written but well-structured piece of writing can be polished.You jump “inside the book” to read the table of contents and credits and page through the free preview. Books have an uncanny power to teach us, to transport us, to move us light years beyond our ordinary lives. It means you regularly upgrade and fine-tune your skills.If we could only find the books, the tried-and-true books written by trusted masters. And once in a while you find a writing book that speaks to your heart and gets to the core of what you’re struggling with right now. First, you need to cultivate a brutal, raw honesty.Try on a few silly new rituals, like writing poetry by candlelight or stream-of-conscious journaling in the pre-dawn hours to change up your point of view.Before we dive into our list of essential books, let’s talk briefly about the best way to use it.


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