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There are also short sections dealing with personal property, contract, tort and crime, procedure and constitution.Description: The first several pages are devoted to criticizing the legal profession for its lack of historicism. Description: Analyzing the interpretation of the Statute of Westminster II in the Year Books, the legal effects, the statutory text, and the political aspects of the Statute to show that it did not create the action of case. Description: Long article which describes the history of the legal remedy of damages for breach of contract, the powers of the court in awarding damages, the doctrinal outlines of the forms of action, and the development of modern principles of contract damages. Description: Examining the origin and development the common law action of account and its influence on equitable and quasi-contract doctrine.

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Article focuses on the Dialogues of Christopher St. Description: Article on bills in equity from the Year Books of the General Eyres.

Germain and its application to three groups of Year Books cases. Discussing when they began and ended and establishing their place in the general history of equitable jurisdiction.

Description: A short overview of the Year Books trying to generate interest in them. Contains extensive translation and citation of specific Year Book cases.

An announcement of his plan to send occasional translations to the Columbia Jurist to make the Year Books more accessible to lawyers and historians. Description: An historical overview of case reporting, starting with a discussion of the Year Books. Description: The evolution of equitable doctrine through chancery in the fifteenth century and the law of equity’s opposition to the common law.

Interesting stories are pieced together from cases in 33 Henry VI, reports from the Eyre of Northamptonshire of 3 Edward III, 7 Edward II, 4 Edward III, 2 Edward III, and the Bedfordshire Eyre of 4 Edward III.

Description: Explaining the differences between the Year Books and the Plea Rolls, the incompleteness of the records in the Plea Rolls, and an explanation of the process and effect of attornmant, homage and the writ of per quae servicia. Description: Historical account of judicial legislation, or decision-making on the basis of judicially announced public policy in the English common law.

Description: A short article explaining how justices of the Court of Common Pleas under Edward III began enforcing a papal constitution, Execrabilis. Description: An attempt to find a judicial method of valuation of property at early common law.

Comparing Year Book cases from the reign of Edward III and the Plea Rolls. In the end, however, very little can be gleaned from Year Book accounts, abridgements, and early treatises.

215, 54, 148, 188, 15 and numerous citations of cases mostly from the reign of Edward III but a few from Henry VII. Explains the work of the Selden Society, appealing to American intellectuals to take up the cause of editing and publishing the Year Books.

Description: Analyzing Continental influence on Common Law jurisprudence, particularly with respect to equitable and contract doctrine. Description: Inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford at All Souls’ College on Nov. The lecture is divided into biographical commentary on Charles Viner and his Abridgement, explanation of the role of Abridgements in English law, and declaration of the superiority of the alphabetical arrangement of bodies of law generally.


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