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I never really thought about having children, my career was always at the top of my priority list.I do not regret the decisions I have made, but I could've been more open to the possibility of my own family.

I never really thought about having children, my career was always at the top of my priority list.I do not regret the decisions I have made, but I could've been more open to the possibility of my own family.

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The Regret - Original Writing Going back I remember my childhood being filled with happiness and joy, mainly because of the good atmoshere my household held. I can not imagine what I would have done without this kind of support in my life.

Now I was a good kid and at the age of only 7, I concentrated on all the good things I wanted to do with my life and the ambitions I had, I was determined to get a job of my dreams.

When preparing for a job interview, you need to remember that there are common questions asked by nearly every interviewer.

There will be obvious questions regarding your goals, experience, and passions.

I am the youngest of three siblings, and my two older brothers both have children.

My career has always been my number one priority, and that has reflected in my personal life.You may insist that you do not have any regrets, displaying confidence in yourself and your decisions; turn your answer from a negative into a positive, explaining that your regret turned into a beneficial experience; or relate your regret to how hard you work, explaining the sacrifices you've made because you’re so career-driven. The real key is to focus on your career path and stay positive. Instead of offering a negative answer- which you should never do - you created a positive spin.The examples are very specific, but take those ideas and apply them to your own personal situation.The choices I made have been for specific reasons, and have led to me developing my career path.Like anyone, I could have done a couple of things differently, but I do not have any real regrets.” An interviewer may insist that you have to mention a specific regret.One of the hardest parts of the year is looking back and thinking about everything that went badly. To grow as people, we have to acknowledge our faults and what we did wrong — with the intent to do better, of course.The very first part to doing so is in recognizing the pain. The painful wish that you had done something else, that you had said the right thing, that you had pushed yourself just a little bit harder.And I think if we have to owe just one thing to ourselves, it’s the grace of honesty.(Related: We Asked People “What’s the Biggest Life Lesson You Learned This Year?


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