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Both books were by authors who were mostly unknown to a wider general audience but beloved by many who frequent the literary orbit that has grown on the Internet over the past half-dozen years.It’s a generally supportive group of writers, booksellers, online magazine editors and avid fans who track the daily offerings on websites like The Rumpus, Mc Sweeney’s, The Millions, Slate and Salon, and then go to their own social media pages to post what they love or loathe.

This week, Cheryl Strayed and Benjamin Moser, making their first appearances as Bookends columnists, discuss whether we’re living in a golden age for women essayists.

By Cheryl Strayed Would we ever think to ask if this is a golden age for men essayists?

..on Wikipedia Age: 43 Birthplace: London Borough of Brent, London, United Kingdom More Zadie Smith #71 of 238 on The Best Female Authors of All Time #51 of 156 on The Greatest Living Writers & Most Famous Authors Today #34 of 93 on The 30 Best Living Novelists & Fiction Authors Today, Ranked #66 of 141 on The Greatest Female Novelists Ever Taslima Nasrin is a Bangladeshi author and former physician who has lived in exile since 1994.

From a literary profile as a poet in the late 1980s, she rose to global fame by the end of the 20th century owing to her essays and novels with feminist views and criticism of religion.

..on Wikipedia Age: 56 Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden More Taslima Nasrin #55 of 136 on The Most Controversial Writers of All Time #138 of 243 on 180 Atheist Authors and Journalists Mary Flannery O'Connor was an American writer and essayist.

An important voice in American literature, she wrote two novels and 32 short stories, as well as a number of reviews and commentaries.

And why does a writer like me — female, feminist, familiar with the discreet and overt forms of sexism in the literary world and beyond — bristle when presented with such a query, one undoubtedly intended to celebrate rather than diminish the achievements of a category of people I admire and to which I belong?

Probably because I’m of the opinion that as long as we still have reason to wedge “women” as a qualifier before “essayist,” the age is not exactly golden. Essayists who happen to be women are having a banner year.

List of famous female essayists, listed by their level of prominence with photos when available.

This greatest female essayists list contains the most prominent and top females known for being essayists.


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