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The British ended their policy of Salutary Neglect in the colonies - which meant they would strictly enforce laws and taxes in Colonial America.The first tax the British imposed was the Sugar Tax in 1764. The causes and events that led to the Boston Tea Party are detailed on the following chart: Townshend Acts - Series of Laws placing taxes on items imported by the colonists including glass, lead, paints, paper and tea.

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Details of the ships are on the chart: The tax on the tea had to be paid the moment the tea was unloaded.

The serious start of the conflict between Britain and America came at the end of the the French and Indian War (Seven years War).

The war had left the British with a massive war debt and the British looked for ways of imposing new taxes in the colonies.

But problems had been building years before this famous incident, due to the the demands made, and taxes, imposed by the Parliament in Great Britain.

There were no American Colonists in the English parliament which led to the cry of "No taxation without representation! The events leading up to, and therefore the causes of, the 'Boston Tea Party' were considerable.


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