Business Continuity Plan For Schools

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The Business Continuity Plan outlines what the department believes are critical functions, how impaired functions can impact the department and in what ways, and lists preventive and contingency plans for each.A major part of business continuity planning is identifying functions that define your operations. Critical operations are those services, programs, or activities that are necessary to on-going business of your department and would directly affect the success of your department if they were to stop for an extended period of time.

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This should help your identify the general functions that you preform.

Asking each staff member to make a list of their essential duties and responsibilities is another way to determine your essential operations.

Methods used include a ‘phone tree’ (include information or link to file with details); e-mail; instant messaging; web pages; telephones; among others.

All faculty and staff should update their personal information (address, phone numbers, etc.) on Pace White Pages.

Currently funded by Schools Forum for the 2019/2020 financial year as part of the Risk Management Project.

Business Continuity Plan For Schools

Due to this, there are currently no additional charges for this service for individual schools in Newcastle-upon-Tyne as the Schools Forum allocation fully covers staffing and resources in the Business Continuity Team to deliver this comprehensive service.

Having a sound Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program in place is essential to ensure that in the event of a material business disruption, critical functions are maintained or restored in a timely fashion.

The Compli Space BCM program has been built to the Australian Business Continuity Standard 5010, and is designed to minimise the financial, legal, reputational and other consequences arising from a disruption should it occur.

Please remember that all contact with the media will be coordinated by the University’s Marketing & Communications office.

Back To Top Critical operations of each department can be severely impacted during emergency incidences.


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