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But importantly, if you have no unique qualifications, it’s too easy for competitors to steal your customers and market share at any time.

In addition, UNICEF has prepared a document summarizing the alignment of the draft Strategic Plan with the QCPR, as attached.

Whether you’re starting or growing your business, you need a business plan.

It was also an opportunity to review the link with the Results and Resources Framework in the Integrated Budget.

Informal consultations with Member States have also led UNICEF to develop an internal working paper that elaborates the Theory of Change underpinning the draft Strategic Plan.

This document was made available as a first draft in June 2013.

The current version has been prepared based on comments and feedback provided internally and by member states.

UNICEF in the new MTSP for 2014-2017 is proposing seven high level results.

Early versions of the draft result frameworks as work in progress are available below: The workshop discussed the strategic orientation of the MTSP; the proposed integration of the normative principles of human rights, gender and environmental sustainability and the approach to programme strategies including benchmarks for measuring and reporting.

Additional consultations are held with the Executive Board from time to time.

UNICEF has established a peer review group of experts on Results Based Management drawn from Member states and UN agencies to a) identify ways to strengthen linkages of the strategic plan results frameworks with country programmes of cooperation and global and regional priorities; b) establishing targets and benchmarks; c) exchange ideas and experiences on good practices; and d) agree on principles of applying RBM in the next plan.


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