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Look back and recall the experiences that made you feel happy and proud.These could include something like the initiative you took to make your workplace/society better or some professional achievements, or the way you helped a colleague handle a difficult situation.

), but sharing that you are part of a national team or that you hold (or held) regional, age-level records in your chosen sport will still help your application.

Apart from differentiating you from other candidates within your same industry, your accomplishments can also be used to show consistent character traits that have been common in your successes, which you can bring with you as you make the move to business school.

For the MBA admissions game, applicants often feel that the content they should be including in their business school applications is limited to their professional and academic highlights.

However, impressive personal details – such as athletic achievements and experiences – can also come in handy when building up one’s profile.

Just as a beauty pageant contestant would want to impress the competition judges with both intelligence and physical beauty, an MBA applicant will do well to win admiration from the Admissions Committee with different aspects of his or her personality, as well.

I know you are applying for a top MBA program (and not an NBA team!Lastly, when presented properly, your passion for sports can be an effective “ice breaker” for your interviews or to help you build relationships with your future business school peers.Sharing a keen interest in a particular sport can develop rapport.Thus, your stories become effective set-ups for presenting lessons you have learned and how you have become the person you are today.Aside from strengthening your message by demonstrating it across various contexts, this also presents you as a multi-faceted individual.Example: declining sales, new-product launch, conflict in the team, demanding client or developing a new product or service.Then discuss what action you took in that situation. Then conclude with results, like what was the outcome of your actions, such as an increase in revenue or decrease in loss.Rich materials abound in this field – you can demonstrate your ability to collaborate with teammates, your resilience in overcoming personal setbacks (such as injuries or failures), and other positive traits.One inherent advantage to showcasing your athletic background is that your stories will be easy to visualize (like an ESPN highlight reel), and the Admissions Committee will be able to better relate to the highs and lows that you share.Sometimes others can see aspects of our life that we are blind to ourselves.We suggest that, shortlist your achievements by talking to friend or a close peer and evaluate 2-3 experiences which you would consider good professional achievements, where you added the maximum value to the organization.


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