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Whether you’re working to come up with humorous one-liners or updating a meme to make it relevant to your business, it’s important to really hone in on the personality and brand voice that you’ve created for your business’s Twitter account.Moon Pie continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of humorous content throughout their Twitter feed.When there’s a relevant holiday, Moon Pie will find ways to jump on it.

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If you are looking to enhance social media engagement on Twitter, taking a humorous approach can be especially effective.

In fact, the latest Sprout Social Index found that 67% of consumers surveyed stated that they are most willing to like entertaining social content, and 55% of consumers stated that they are most likely to share entertaining content. They’re tweeting and engaging consistently, putting an emphasis on quality over quantity.

It’s a great way to create a community around your business and grow your audience.

We all love some good brand humor – and Twitter is the perfect place to find it.

First of all, you’re not having to create as many assets, take as many photos or spend as much time on content creation when your customers are doing that for you.

Second of all, you’re interacting with your customers on a personal level when you share their photo on your business’s feed.

It’s no secret that brands love to have some fun on the microblogging platform, and Moon Pie has established itself as a fan favorite.

When it comes to creating a successful Twitter presence for your business, it’s imperative to insert some personality into your tweeting.

First things first, they let their followers know exactly how to be featured: by tagging @cupshe in their photos.

For your own brand, you can emulate this strategy by following two different methods: either through tagging or through hashtags.


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