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Moreover, the first paragraph also sets a certain tension. Even when the maid laughs because the American wife is looking for a cat in the rain, the next sentence "when she talked English, the maid's face tightened" (l.44), eliminates any possibility of a light of humorous mood.On the second paragraph appears the major symbol around which the story revolves. This symbolic animal is so essential to the tale that it is described right in the title.When the cat is first observed it is "crouched under one of the dripping green tables.

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[tags: essays research papers] - Cat in the Rain The short story, “ Cat in the Rain';, by Ernest Hemingway describes the stereotypical relationship between two married American tourists, one of whom is striving to recover a “poor kitty';.

This seemingly mundane plot becomes symbolic and purposeful as the reader gazes beneath the surface to find the true intent of the short story.

In fact, what seems to be a simple tale of an American couple spending a rainy afternoon inside their hotel room serves as a great metaphor for their relationship.

This symbolic imagery, hided behind common objects, gives the story all its significance.

Outside a cat is trapped in the rain, and the wife wants to save it.

When she goes to get it, it is gone but the maid later brings her one.

And I want it to be spring and I want to brush my hair out in front of a mirror and I want a kitty and I want some new clothes ” (Hemingway 535).

The lack of domesticity in her life is then highlighted when the maid specifically brings a “tortoise-shell cat,” a multicolor cat which can only be found as a female....

Written in his characteristic sparse style, "Cat in the Rain" is seemingly simple in plot and character, but a careful reading reveals deeper meaning behind its elements....

[tags: Cat in the Rain Essays] - Symbolism in Cat in the Rain by Ernest Hemingway In his short story Cat in the Rain, Ernest Hemingway uses imagery and subtlety to convey to the reader that the relationship between the American couple is in crisis and is quite clearly dysfunctional.


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