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A former bus driver who later became foreign minister and vice president, Maduro was Chavez’s right-hand man for most of his presidency.Maduro promised to continue his predecessor’s legacy through established and popular social programs.

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Bordering Colombia and Brazil in South America, the mountainous country with white-sand beaches and the highest waterfall in the world has been engulfed in a political, economic, and social struggle for most of the 21st century.

In 1999, Hugo Chavez became president of the country.

This has caused outages throughout the country, some lasting between an hour or as long as 13 days.

These power outages further complicate medical care for those who need it most, disrupting the already weak medical assistance they receive and making it worse.

Venezuelans embark on a harrowing search for food, waiting in long lines at grocery stores for hours.

The price of eggs and milk has been increasing every month, and many families struggle to afford these basic food staples.The conditions in hospitals and clinics are abysmal.People who are undergoing chemotherapy, require an emergency surgery, or even have a sinus infection are at risk of not receiving proper health care due to the crisis.He pledged to fix income inequality in the nation by giving to the poor, who felt neglected in the country’s classist society.Many Venezuelans fiercely believed in his promises, and his charismatic personality made many of his followers support him unconditionally.By 2013, before his death, Chavez was a force to be reckoned with — he had strategically placed his supporters at the most important levels of the government, the military, and the state-run oil company.Before Chavez died of cancer in 2013, he named Nicolas Maduro as his successor.More than 5,000 people were arrested, and stories of abuse and torture were common, according to human rights organizations.Venezuela, the country with the largest proven oil reserves in the world, is suffering a humanitarian crisis.Throughout the 2000s, Chavez increasingly tightened his grip on authority.He introduced a new constitution, began to strictly regulate the media, “threatened and punished his political opponents,” according to a report from Human Rights Watch, and forged an alliance with the Cuban government.


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