Causes And Effects Of Child Abuse Essay

Causes And Effects Of Child Abuse Essay-83
Emotional trauma can result from several forms of abuse.

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Some children may be unaware that they are victims of child abuse.

Child abuse is widespread and can occur in any cultural, ethnic, or income group.

Medical neglect occurs when medical care is withheld.

Religious freedom has become a point of contention in some cases of possible child abuse—some states, for instance, allow for medical neglect due to religious objections.

They can also recommend a therapist and provide the necessary information for investigators.

Doctors may also testify in court to obtain legal protection for the child or to help criminally prosecute an individual suspected of engaging in child sexual abuse.Examples of risk factors: If someone suspects a child has been abused, they should contact a pediatrician or a local child protective agency for help.Physicians are legally obligated to report all suspected cases of abuse or neglect to authorities.Whatever the nature of the abuse, steps should be taken immediately to report the abuse and obtain help.Delaying a report decreases the child's chances for full recovery.Children who are abused are often afraid to complain because they are fearful that they will be blamed or that no one will believe them.Additionally, the person who abused them may be someone they love very much and want to protect.If he or she has been abused, a child will benefit from the services of a qualified mental health professional.Parents and other members of the family may be advised to seek counseling so that they'll be able to provide the support and comfort the child needs.It is imperative that any abused child be given immediate access to special support and treatment; a doctor's exam should not be delayed for any reason.Many signs of injury related to sexual abuse are temporary.


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