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Anticipated Difficulties and Solutions Form: Students may not use correct 3rd person form of Present Simple ( s) Remind students of 3rd person ( s), highlight form on the whiteboard and then drill Phonolog y: Students may not pronounce ‘suit’ correctly (s t) Drill correct pronunciation and use phonemics on the whiteboard Concept: Students may confuse the uses of suit and fit Fit refers to size and shape Some students may think the Mohican haircut looks fine on The man could look uncomfortable about his haircut in the picture. Meaning I live in London I don’t want to live in London, but I have to. Form Subject base form subject past simple (positive) didn’t base form (negative) 3. Yes Is the Show picture 2: The man is imagining himself holding a magic lamp (thought bubble).

No Did he really find a magic lamp or is he imagining it? Give examples: I hope you pass your exams (not I wish you pass) I hope you feel better tomorrow (not I wish you feel better) D.

The text would be appropriate for an intermediate group as their level of English is higher, but there will be the need to work on pre-teaching the vocabulary mentioned in part...

lectures, case studies, and tutorial exercises, and assessed during the quizzes.

The 2nd learning outcome related to personal development is assessed through self-awareness exercises and the group project.

The 3rd learning outcome related to teamwork is assessed through a self- and peer-evaluation exercise.| | | |Individual |Click the link for the Final Examination on the student website available from the end of understanding of environmental and social issues related to food service and hospitality.Critical evaluation and problem-solving skills help students make decisions in light of Gospel values with an informed moral conscience. Concept Questions Does he want to keep living in London? Phonolog y: Students may pronounce live as in alive / Strong “t” in didn’t Drill correct pronunciation and use phonemics on the whiteboard Concept: Students might confuse wish with want Emphasise that wish refers to situations that are impossible/unlikely (hence the 3 man imagining a magic lamp) Other: Students may use wish for things that are possible in the future Explain that we use hope instead. Anticipated Difficulties and Solutions Form: Students may put wish in the past too (I wished…) Highlight form on the whiteboard and then drill it. Concept: 4 Students may think I am asking for permission to open the window ‘Would you mind opening the window’ is a request and ‘Would you mind if I opened the window’ is asking for permission. If you were at someone’s house you would use the second form. Anticipated Difficulties and Solutions Form: Students may not use verb(ing) and use base form instead Highlight form on the whiteboard and then drill it Phonolog y: Students may stress would or you Drill correct pronunciation Students may pronounce the words ‘not at all’ separately. Cambridge CELTA Written Assignments Evaluation Assignment 3-Language Skills Related Tasks 1.This article deals with a topic that it is easy to relate to because we all have had experiences in which we have lost something valuable be it money, jewellery, etc.MODULE DESCRIPTION : The module of Organisational Behaviour (OB) situates the manager’s individual behaviour with respect .| | | |Evaluation |Submit the assignment to the Assignments Link and follow the proper naming conventions for | | | | |the file.


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