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The narrative technique that has been described above is accompanied or supplemented by a striking thematic aspect.Chronicle of a Death Foretold is the novel that encompasses a variety of themes that the author criticizes.

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It occurs because of the scope of elements that are evident in the text of the story. The allusions function as the ways to ridicule the society and the people’s attitude to religion.

Latin Americans are mostly dazzled by religion to the extent that they simply do not notice the threats. However, the most vivid theme of religion may be seen through the prism of the murderer of Santiago Nasar. Thus, Chronicle of a Death Foretold is highly symbolical.

The potential reader may see a distorted image of humanity by means of M? However, it should be undoubtedly mentioned that the use of magical realism profoundly affects this particular novel.

It is separating reality from mysticism as well as combining these two features of M? The aesthetic principles of this novel can be seen through a prism of the author’s choice of a narrator that determines the structure of the work.

It is done in order to show the ordinary behavior of people and put an emphasis on the absurd of daily life. The author describes absurd as a product of human ignorance and indifference to each other.

Seemingly, existentialist traditions concerning absurd are close to M? The characters who know about the possible death of Santiago do nothing to avert it.It combines all the possible ideas concerning the death of the main character.The narrator’s observations serve as definite guides for the reader to become absorbed in the novel.In this context, with the help of the figurative language, the writer accommodates his novel to the cultural peculiarities of the Latin American nation.Thus, the reader may notice that Chronicle of a Death Foretold is rather metafictional. The names of characters mostly correspond to those ones that can be found in the Holy Book.From this particular standpoint, the reader may interpret the role of the authorities being also aware of the murder.The matter is that the authorities’ attitudes to the issue are the same.The potential reader may find some connections of M?rquez’ novel with Borges’ Man of the Pink Corner as all the Latino American creative writing has something in common. rquez’ and Borges’ writings are obsessed with portraying details through the prism of the characters’ speech.Every character in the novel introduces the new information concerning the murder of Santiago.The reader becomes a witness of the crime as the narrator offers a pallet of colors, attitudes, actions, causes, and effects.


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