Consultancy Business Plan

Again, unlike product-based businesses, a consulting business doesn’t have many expenses.There’s the business license, and maybe some accounting and project management software.

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But at the start, an independent consultant is a lean startup.

Consulting is the perfect way to get hands-on experience solving problems for clients; this can result in your first product, whether digital or physical.

Politics have no place at Growth Management and Strategies, and to limit the affects of favoritism, the company will implement and clearly communicate a performance review policy that applies to those at the bottom as well as the top of the leadership ladder.

Credit will be given to the person who performed and/or innovatively modified a project, and compensation will be both financial and in the form of commendation.

The goal for this plan is financial: GMS needs a Small Business Adminstration (SBA) loan, and this document is one step in the process. The document gives all present and future employees, as well as the owner a sense of purpose that may exist without the business plan, but becomes more relevant after the business plan is written, reviewed, shared, and edited by all.

It is a living document that will last far beyond the SBA loan purpose, or if that doesn't occur, to bring an investor on board.In short, how can you tell you have what it takes to be a consultant?If you’ve got multiple projects in a field that you’ve worked on and can show them as proof of your expertise, that’s about all it takes.Consulting has very low barriers to entry compared to product-based businesses or service-based businesses that need multiple employees.Here’s a list of some key benefits: A service-based business of one person (you) is the simplest business you can start. S., it’s known as a sole proprietorship, and it requires extra paperwork to create. And unlike product-based businesses, a consulting business requires no product design, prototyping, manufacturing, or shipping.But if you’ve got a computer, Internet, and expertise, you can be a consultant.Eventually, of course, if you decide to scale your business into a consulting firm, you’ll have the payroll expenses of hiring other consultants.Growth Management and Strategies (GMS) is an ambitious innovative new company that is attempting to turn the small business consulting business on its head.With an experienced consultant at the helm as President, GMS intends to grow at more than 50% per year through solid customer service, a great sales plan, proven competitive strategies, and a group of people that bring dynamic energy to the company and the sales process.If you can convince someone that you will bring them enough value that they are willing to pay you, you’ve validated your business idea.You aren’t stalling and talking in hypotheticals anymore, you’re doing it!


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