Creative Writing Rubrics

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The themes for the 2019 year are as follows: Finding Solutions, A Change of Heart, Transcending Limits, True Worth, Building Anew, What a Surprise, Finding Your Path, Amazing Animals.

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You saw the bright red mark at the top of your paper and knew that you nailed that task.

If it was a task such as a test with multiple choice answers, it was easy to see what questions you might have missed and how many points were deducted from your overall score.

Although I always used these rubrics for journal responses when I was still teaching, they can easily be adapted to other genres of writing.

These are especially useful (and really intended) for formative assessments where you want to see how students are mastering the writing style but aren’t ready to assess their full mastery and understanding quite yet.

The other way is to print out one page of rubrics, cut off a rubric, tape it to the bottom of your writing assignment (so you’ll need to leave a couple of inches at the bottom), and make copies of that paper.

Creative Writing Rubrics

One last point I’d like to make about these writing rubrics is that they’re easily adaptable to multiple subject areas.

Although it was not technically my job to teach writing, I still assigned writing activities as a form of checking students’ reading comprehension.

This most often took the form of journal responses to prompts about sections of the books we were reading, and it was this school year that I figured out a faster way to grade student writing. I started adding these quick-score rubrics to the bottom of the page when I created my journal prompt assignments so that students could see the criteria on which they’d be graded and so that I could quickly grade the journal responses with a guideline that was already printed right there on the bottom of the page.

The next year, I taught 7th grade Humanities (a hybrid of ELA and social studies), and I remember assigning essays, creative writing, and journal responses.

Then, in my last year of teaching, I taught 7th grade reading.


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