Creative Writing Short Story Assignment

The plot and characters were well written and the story was interesting.

I particularly enjoyed the interactions between the members of the jury because Chien depicted very realistic arguments and portrayals of people who might be part of a jury.

James shows a strong grasp of how to write dialogue and portrays his characters very realistically.

This story is a touching story about what life is like for an elderly person living in a nursing home, Hamilton Park.

She writes as if she has experience in working with the elderly and interacting with the elderly.

This story is touching and interesting and offers the reader a unique perspective on how the elderly think and act.In general I enjoyed this story and it is overall a good story from a unique perspective.This is an interesting story about a road trip taken by two people who are romantically involved.The story had a strong plot and included a great deal of humor. She has a strong grasp on how to write a story and manages to develop unique and interesting characters.She also has a strong grasp of grammar and the ability to write good dialogue.I quite enjoyed the dialogue and the interplay between the characters in this story.James does an excellent job in capturing how couples interact with each other especially when the boredom of long road trips is introduced into the scenario.As Chien states " Rising the eyes from the book, glancing at me quickly, just as she had the last seven times rises her hand expressionlessly, the jury number eleven, Miss Sarah Hulsey."While Chien does an excellent job in terms of developing their plot setting and characters, Chien does not have a strong grasp of the mechanics of English and does not seem to have checked the paper for grammar and spelling inconsistencies.In this story Chien writes about a tense court case in which a jury is hopelessly hung over whether or not a criminal is guilty of a specific crime.The main problem is Juror Number Eleven who throws the vote every time by voting that the defendant in the case is not guilty.


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