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Weigle () reported correlations of automated e-rater® scores with self-evaluation, teacher evaluation, and writing scores based on essays written in nontest contexts of 368 students at universities in the U. It was found that the strength of correlations were small in most cases, with the highest correlation (Lastly, longitudinal changes in Criterion® holistic and writing quality scores have been investigated across time points before and after the L2 instruction by studies using Criterion® holistic scores and/or other scores (see Table ) used writing quality measures derived from Criterion® Trait Feedback.All the studies mentioned above reported significant improvement in Criterion® holistic and other writing quality scores.

Few organizations have done as much as Janus Films to bring classic and contemporary foreign and art house films to viewers in America.

A pillar of film restoration and presentation in America, Janus, along with the Criterion Collection, is almost universally trusted by cinephiles, and much of their success can be attributed to William J. Janus Films was almost single-handedly responsible for bringing some of the world’s best directors to American renown, including Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Yasujirō Ozu, and countless others.

She reported significant increase of the number of words they wrote and improvement in overall organization., have provided valuable insights into the capability of Criterion® in detecting changes in writing. First, all previous studies had only two time points to collect data.

It is preferable to measure writing three or more times, which would enable us to examine clearer patterns of score change over time and obtain stronger evidence to argue for the utility of Criterion® as a sensitive measurement tool for detecting long-term changes in L2 writing proficiency.

Third, Criterion® holistic and writing quality scores—particularly, essay length and syntactic complexity—significantly improved, and thus are sensitive measures of the longitudinal development of L2 writing.

All the results can be used as backing (i.e., positive evidence) for validity when we interpret Criterion® holistic scores as reflecting L2 writing proficiency and use the scores to detect gains in L2 writing proficiency.Now Criterion has revealed the title for spine #1000 — and it’s a (1975) — presented with HD digital transfers. In true Criterion fashion, the set will also come packaged with prestigious supplemental material, including a hardcover book full of film notes, interviews, and new art. Founded in 1956, Janus Films was purchased by William J. The now out-of-print title has the distinction of the collection’s #1 spine, a cataloguing system that’s turned each release into a collector’s item. Along with the increasingly wider applications of Criterion®, numerous studies have been conducted from various perspectives, which is well summarized in Enright and Quinlan () emphasized the importance of developing one’s own localized validity argument considering one’s test purposes and uses.For this aim, we examine the validity of the interpretation and use for assessing second language (L2) writing proficiency at a university in Japan, when the interpretation and use are made based on scores derived from Criterion®.We investigate this from three perspectives: (a) differences in Criterion® holistic scores due to prompts (prompt difficulty), (b) relationships between Criterion® holistic scores and indicators of L2 proficiency, and (c) longitudinal changes in Criterion® holistic and writing quality scores.These areas are related to three types of inferences and are crucial in our context.Although previous studies have accumulated multiple pieces of validity evidence for the interpretation and use of Criterion®, validity evidence for local users is essential to interpret and use test scores in a meaningful way.We intend to provide such evidence in the context of assessing writing proficiency at a university in Japan.).


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