Critical Thinking At Work

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Discipline – It is important to create disciplined thinking patterns that are not manipulated or irrational, but are meticulous.

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This will assist us in constructing our own innovative arguments that are supported only by carefully considered perspectives.

Using the simple example of working on a project for a client, before we reach any conclusion, we would answer the following questions honestly: Honest answers to these questions will enable us to evaluate how capably each analysis meets our needs.

This type of thinking lets us cultivate excellence and necessitates the self-improvement that may come to us by practicing skills such as .

Rationality – This practice expects us to rely on logical reasoning rather than on our emotions.

According to the Foundation for Critical Thinking at, critical thinking is a process that involves conceptualizing, synthesizing, analyzing, applying and evaluating information.

Knowing how to use all of these skills will make you a stronger employee and a smarter decision-maker.When we willfully analyze the facts — and understand their uncovered meanings and investigate the evidence — then we make meticulous decisions, which is what critical thinking is all about.Facts may be facts, but how we interpret them may vary, so practicing critical thinking is important not only within a specific organization or job category but anywhere in life.As a result, we overlook opportunities that could have helped us enhance our intellectual growth.Critical thinking, on the other hand, first concentrates on analyzing and integrating the complex flow of information from various resources and then, on evaluating the available evidence.For more than a decade, she has been (guest) blogging for different platforms while also running her own Word Press blog, where she shares her short stories and poems.The Leading the Organisation blog takes a look at the various aspects of leadership both within an organisation and with clients.We are expected to look for evidence that supports our logic and provide precise explanations.When we are confused, we should ask relevant questions, and not just assume.For over 2500 years, different schools of thought have been put forward to define the term “critical thinking.” Some define it as “disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence” where another defines it as Many among us (in fact, all of us at one time or another) think irrationally, with our thinking process being distorted, prejudiced by our prior knowledge, social and cultural beliefs, and sense of self.We are often uncomfortable in accepting others’ opinions/beliefs just like that and seldom do we make efforts to turn our careless thinking into meticulous opinions.


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