Critical Thinking Interview Questions Answers

That’s right and since that other post did so well, we went ahead and rounded up a fresh new batch of weird interview questions which you can find below.With this set of weird interview questions, we also included a bit of context – and sometimes even a sample answer – alongside them so you can get a better picture of what the interviewee (or interviewer!

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For that reason, they only wanted to hire supervisors who weren’t afraid to get dirty fixing things.

(Personally, I thought there were surely better ways to determine my mechanical aptitude!

) was thinking when the unusual question was asked. : The answers included some basic responses such as erasing, but I was really surprised by some of the other responses.

One of the candidates we ended up hiring said A tool to pick the earwax out of your headphones after you’ve used them which I thought was so honest and funny (come on, most of us have done it! It’s a nice break from traditional accounting questions and also shows how well candidates can think on their feet.

Since all of the previous questions had asked about my job-related supervisory experience, my college business courses, my personal management style, or how I would handle a contrived employee problem, I was definitely caught off guard.

Trying to gain a few seconds think about how to answer, I asked a question: What does changing my own motor oil have to do with this management position?

I’d then connect the left crane to the plane’s left wing, and tip it up, making the jelly beans fall into the pools.

I’d repeat the same process with the right crane and wing.

I was questioned in rapid-fire fashion by a team of three people — and questions came so fast that I had little time to compose my answers.

Suddenly — out of the blue — a panel-member asked this question.


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