Critical Thinking Ocr Past Papers

4) The main conclusion(s) in this editorial, article, or essay is (are) ____________________.

5) The main idea(s) we need to understand in order to understand this editorial, article, or essay is (are) ___________________________.

What is more, since to make the test reliable the faculty must be intimately involved in the choosing of the writing prompt and in the grading of tests, faculty are primed to follow up on the results.

Results are seen to be relevant to assessing instruction within the departments involved.

In the Analysis segment of the test, the student must accurately identify the elements of reasoning within a written piece (each response is worth 10 points).

In the Assessment segment of the test, the student must construct a critical analysis and evaluation of the reasoning (in the original piece). Each student exam must be graded individually by a person competent to assess the critical thinking of the test taker and trained in the grading called for in this examination.

In one case, a section from a textbook may be chosen; in another, an editorial, in a third, a professional essay.

In short, the writing prompt can be chosen from any discipline or writing sample.

The International Critical Thinking Essay Test is divided into two parts: 1) analysis of a writing prompt, and 2) assessment of the writing prompt.

The analysis is worth 80 points; the assessment is worth 20.


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