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An essay is a formal piece of writing that may describe, analyze, argue, or present a writer’s opinion on a particular topic.

It’s time to end your search for Essay writing topics in English as we have brought you 50 best essay writing topics.

Our essay writers have brainstormed to come up with topics of English Essays for students and children that are not only informative but engaging. Pick up a topic that interests you the most and begins writing.

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An essay can be categorized differently based on its purpose, whether a writer wants to present their opinion, an argument, an explanation or convince the readers.

These types of essays are written to convince the readers about a particular idea or opinion of the writer.

The Allegory Of The Cave Essay - Current Topics On Essay Writing

The writer needs to present a logical approach and support their arguments with facts and evidence.

No matter what type of essay you write you must be aware of the topic and to gain that knowledge you must research well.

English essays for students are generally of four types – Narrative Essays – These types of essays follow the concept of storytelling.

It can straightway put a good first impression on your teacher as they assess your essay.

Moreover, it will be much easier for a student to prepare an essay if they topic intriguing for them.


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