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Daft Punk Homework Album-60
This album pumps you up and makes you want to kick someone in the face.While this isn't a hardcore dance album it isn't soft and mellow either."Teachers" has a very nice bassline and it is funky, extremely catchy, and even humorous. Even if you don't dance at all this album isn't a complete waiste.

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Electronica fans might enjoy some of these songs, but a few of these tracks just don't get the job done.

"Rollin' & Scratchin" sounds like the the cd is broken, there isn't much rythm and the song is a complete mess.

This is a 73 minute intense dance album so unless you can get up and dance for about half of it you won't be satisfied.

"Homework" is a great album to use when you want to party.

Are you tired of going to party's and hearing the same old crappy R&B or pop songs.

Pop "Homework" in and you have 73 minutes of non-stop dance madness.

This is not an album where you can sit down and listen to the whole album all the way through.

I find myself getting bored around the 10th track or so, and then I start skipping tracks for no reason.

Overall "Homework" is mainly used for dancing and having a good time.

This isn't an album you can fully enjoy unless you like to dance, there just isn't enough spice to make this a truly unique and interesting album.


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