Data Mining Research Paper

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This is the fourth blog post on how to write research papers.

Today, I will discuss how to write the introduction of a scientific research paper, some common errors, and give some tips. The introduction plays a very important role in a paper.

The IJDMTA is publishes research and technical papers, both short and long.

First, suspicion data are prepared by using DM techniques.

Moreover, the review process is used to filter out papers that do not meet the requirements of the journal in terms of quality or other criteria (e.g. The review process is also important as reviewers can provide constructive comments to help authors improve their paper, even when the paper is rejected.

From the perspective of reviewers, reviewing papers is also important. First, it means that the reviewer is recognized as having enough expertise to review papers.A good introduction will have a clear logical structure, and will convince the reader that the problem addressed in the paper is worthy of being investigated (it is a novel problem that cannot be solved using existing approaches, it is not easy to solve, and solving this problem is useful).Moreover, the introduction will give an overview of the paper.At first, I was accepting all of them when I was a Ph. So I usually only review the papers that are related to my field and for the top journals and conferences.If I receive some offer to review papers that are unrelated to what I am doing or from journal or conferences that I never heard of, I will decline the invitation. For example, if a friend ask me to review for his journal, I will usually say yes even if the paper is not too much related to what I am doing.In fact, a reviewer should only use information about unpublished papers for the purpose of reviewing, and should not share information with other people about reviews.But it can still give a broad overview of what other people are working on to the reviewer, for example to know what topics are popular in general. Third, by reviewing papers, you can also know more about how other people will review your papers. On an average time is 3 to 5 days from submission to first decision of manuscripts.Double blind review and Plagiarism report ensure the originality IJDMTA provides online manuscript tracking system.Every issue of Journal of IJDMTA is available online from volume 1 issue 1 to the latest published issue with month and year.Paper Submission: Any Time Journal Publication: June / December IJDMTA special issue invites the papers from the NATIONAL CONFERENCE, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, SEMINAR conducted by colleges, university, etc.


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