Descriptive Essay Of Artwork

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Art is meant to be sublime & you should access some version of the same feelings in choosing it.

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Introduction to NYC Garbage The first work of Art that I found to be unconventional was “NYC Garbage” which was created by Justin Gignac and In the Making To begin, this work of art needs a bit of attention in order to become anything.

Nevertheless, the artist himself admitted that the idea might sound crazy.

You did not see any grass growing under the river because there was no light shining on the river.

When I saw the painting for the first time it grabbed my attention.

Therefore, the use of line, space and balance can be determined clearly. Nevertheless, after the cube is created to the artist’s liking, he seals the cube so no smell will leak out.

The visceral feelings (intuitive, emotional & spiritual) felt in choosing the right partner are critical.

There were spots of yellow in the grass making the grass look as though it was dying.

Then the painting had a patch of grass that had a very vibrant shade of green, that made the grass look so alive.

Although, the container he uses is translucent, meaning that could be classified as a color being used when it comes to the overall process and materials that are used in the development of this Artwork.

In my opinion, this piece of Art could be classified as a sculpture. The cube is always the same size, which is 3.5 inches across and 4 inches tall.


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