Develop Problem Statement Research Paper

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It is human nature to want to begin working on a solution as soon as possible and neglecting the definition of the true problem to be solved.

However, a poorly defined problem increases the risk of implementing a solution that does not fully meet the expected results.

Many times the problem extends to multiple areas or functions to which the stakeholders, customers, and users are unaware.

They may also be familiar with what is happening on the surface but not necessarily the underlying cause.

A problem cannot be solved if it is not completely understood.

The process of defining the problem is often a group effort.

Focusing on the facts, the problem statement should be designed to address the Five Ws.

The first condition of solving a problem is understanding the problem, which can be done by way of a problem statement.

Therefore, it is just as essential to gather knowledge, information, and insights from project team members and subject matter experts concerning the problem.

Additional research materials, including work instructions, user manuals, product specifications, workflow charts, and previous project plans may also need to be consulted.


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