Diet Analysis Essay

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It was abit difficult for me to sample a different menu but it turned out to be such an incredible tasty cuisine.

Day one - Friday I chose to sample a Palestinian dish known as On the side I served a colorful salad which took me a little while before getting used to it but it was worthwhile sampling it.

Left over should be kept for use another day or reshuffled in the next meal.

It was an experience that was so tantalizing in that I got the chance to sample a new whole world of food and culture.

The Arabian region consists of desert plateaus where rainfall is rare or unpredictable.

Some parts of the desert are best irrigated and produce wheat, peaches, grapes, almonds, pomegranates and so on.

It is known as Konafa with Ricotta and cream filling.

It s more of a dessert and it goes well with nuts, fruits cheese or even honey as the topping.

This is more evident in occasions such as Ramadhan, Fuutur, sahuur etc.

I noted that in the Arab world there is one regular structure or pattern of meals and a special one for the month of Ramadhan.


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