Discrimination And Segregation Essays

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No wonder, when a non-white person is captured by the police, he/she is treated like a drug dealer.

Moreover, non-white people are at the huge risk of being stopped by the police in the street.

With the run of time, slavery disappeared but racial discrimination remained in the mind of the society.

The white population of the country required more than a century to understand the idea of equality and tolerance.

Very often, police officers apply their excessive force during law enforcement activities against non-white people.

There is a stereotype that the majority of African Americans and Latinos are involved into various street gangs and drug trafficking.Many effective schools, perspective jobs and ‘safe’ streets are located in the neighborhoods where primarily white people live.As a result, non-white neighborhoods are the centers of unemployment and poor-quality education.Sections: Prologue | The Segregation Era (1900–1939) | World War II and Post War (1940–1949) | Civil Rights Era (1950–1963) | The Civil Rights Act of 1964 | Immediate Impact of the Civil Rights Act | Epilogue As segregation tightened and racial oppression escalated across the United States, some leaders of the African American community, often called the talented tenth, began to reject Booker T. Job opportunities were the primary focus of the National Urban League, which was established in 1910. Early in its fight for equality, the NAACP used the federal courts to challenge disenfranchisement and residential segregation.On the one hand, people have always treated the representatives of a different ethnicity with apprehension.They have always felt better in the mono-ethnic environment and looked at the strangers from different parts of the world suspiciously. Modern civilization is multicultural and there is hardly a country in the world, which has preserved its mono-ethnic background.Very few non-black people manage to reach their goal if they come from such neighborhoods.Nearly everybody knows about black discrimination but very few people speak about the problem of white discrimination.This type of racial discrimination exists in the areas where white population is minor.Naturally, such people have troubles at school and at their workplace.


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