Discursive Essay Nuclear Weapons

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The anti-nuclear movement is preoccupied with the problem of nuclear waste and its possible impact on the environment and health.

Generation of nuclear waste, which is dangerous to all known forms of life, is a valid concern about nuclear power, and the problem must be addressed in an environmentally sound way.

According to the Department of Energy, the total amount of spent fuel produced by nuclear power stations in the U. An interesting subversion of the argument is that since most high-grade deposits of uranium would not be available to our descendants, as we have already mined them, discovering a nuclear waste repository could lead them to rediscover radioactivity and nuclear technology. However, this agency also manages military waste from UK's nuclear weapons program, which is much more noxious and difficult to handle - the actual cost of managing civilian waste is much lower.

The public typically pays for protests related to nuclear waste transport, for example the costs of providing security.

However, this calculation is too simplistic, as it ignores two key facts.

Analyses that take the above into account have considerably longer depletion timelines, usually in the vicinity of 200 years.There is three times more thorium than uranium on Earth.Outside of the Soviet Union, no member of the public ever died because of nuclear power.This option is also unpopular with the anti-nuclear movement. there is a 0.1c/k Wh levy on nuclear generated electricity that goes into the Nuclear Waste Fund. The federal government has not yet managed to create a permanent waste disposal facility using this money. Decommissioning is paid for by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, a government-funded entity.This might be due to teething problems of the technology, such as sodium leaks and fires (altrough not all waste burning reactors use sodium coolant). The last point assumes that waste will be put into underground repositories before we fall off the radar. Dividing its total budget by the nuclear electricity generation gives a large subsidy of 2.3p/k Wh.Certain designs of reactors that are not cost effective yet, but known to be practical, can reuse high level waste as fuel, because it still contains around 95% of its energy.Two of them are already operating in Russia and Japan.However, there is no reason to believe this problem is insoluble.Here are some claims made by the anti-nuclear movement in reference to the waste issue.They reused the sites of former salt mines, and previous mining work led to structural stability problems in the salt domes.Both are in poor condition and leaking contaminated brine.


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