Discursive Essay On Drugs In Sport

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The statue of Zeus demonstrated not honor to the competitors, but their violation of norms.After, the sportsman who did not follow the legislative norms was harshly punished.

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Undoubtedly, the competition either in business or war evolves inevitable desire to win.

Thus, the competitors make an effort in order to achieve benefits over their opponent.

This beverage was used during war time in order to increase mood of the army.

In the modern history, the first documentation of the usage of banned drug was observed in 1865, during the Amsterdam canvas competition.

Unfortunately, the world of sports is very often related with the word doping, since respectful and famous athletes have been tested positive for banned pills and substances.

Undoubtedly, the level of these ingredients is increased annually due to the desire to be the first no matter what.The world around us is becoming more and more challenging with each passing day and there is need for enhanced level of performance to be displayed in each and every field of life.Similarly in the case of competitive sports, players have become more concerned about their performances and this often prompts them to adopt unethical ways such as doping.Moreover, there are some sportsmen who apply doping, violating all social norms.In sport, such illegal action is defined as cheating and has existed for a long time.It is usually taken illegally and without being mentioned in any records by competitors of various different sports events.Doping is, in fact, a very common term which is widely used in all the organizations which regulate and maintain the legal functioning of the sporting competitions.According to the history, punishment of sportsmen was observed in the Olympic times (778BC-395AD).During this period of time, the name of sportsmen who had violated the norms was inscribed on the pedestal.So what exactly is doping and how does it affect the idea of ethical sports scenario.Doping basically refers to the usage of banned drugs which are primarily used by sports persons for the purpose of enhancing their athletic performance.


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