Distributed Database Design Case Study

Problems that arise at the process of introduction of new accounting software can be overcome only with the cooperation between the selling and purchasing firm during the development of the program.The topic and the aim of this information is the description of the process of introducing new accounting software, seen through eyes of both the selling and the purchasing company and to demonstrate the problems that arise at the introduction of new accounting software.

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The software package “ Eeva” enables to find solutions for almost any accounting problem customers might have.

Many customers approach Eetasoft to adjust the standard package “ Eeva” to their specific requirements.

The table of “ Office” is similar to the table of “ Customers” and “ Salesman” but it contains only the data of company’s sales departments.

Information about items is inserted into the table of “ Parts”. The table of “ Invoices” is connected with the table of “ Customer” (CNO), the table of “ Details” (ONO), and the table of “ Salesman” (SALESMAN) because invoices must contain the customer and sales office, and the item’s name.

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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.Entrepreneurs value their employees’ time and accuracy of data more and more and this has created an increasing demand for software that would meet their particular needs and consequently make their work more cost-effective.Special attention is paid to accounting software: every undertaking has particular needs namely in this area.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Nowadays enterprises meet the challenge of computerization of their business environment in a more specified manner.“ Eeva” software is designed on the basis of a DBMS relational database, described more closely in the following sections.A relational database is most frequently used for the development of accounting software as, compared to other DBMS databases, it is easier to insert and view information in a relational database.There are three most common types of DBMS: hierarchical, network and relational.Fields and records of the hierarchical database are structured in nodes. Each entry has one parent node, which may have several child nodes.“ Eeva” software stores exact information about inventory, production, sales, payroll, assets on daily basis and enables to summarize data at the end of each month or year to make decisions about bonuses paid to employees and providing discounts to favorite customers.As figure 1 shows that an accounting area is one of the most important transaction processing systems for any company, which covers six activities: Eetasoft produces the production, sales and accounting software package “ Eeva”, which meets the requirements of most small and middle-sized businesses.


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