Dream Act Essay Questions

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They are not vetted like other immigrants, and they are not waiting in line the way the system requires.

If you do this as a barometer activity, post the terms “Strongly Agree” and “Strongly Disagree” at opposite ends of the classroom.

Along with permission to remain in the country, recipients can also get work permits, through which many have obtained health insurance from their employers.

The ability to work has also allowed them to pay for school, pursue higher education and, in some states, drive legally.

About 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants are protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

We spoke with a few of them in September, when President Trump announced his intention to end the Obama-era program.

The Childhood Journeys That Made Them ‘Dreamers’For DACA Recipients, Losing Protection and Work Permits Is Just the Start American Dreamers Trump Immigration Plan Demands Tough Concessions From Democrats Senate Begins ‘Wild’ Week of Debate on Immigration, Outcome Unknown Alternatively, you can have students write their opinions in a letter or email that they send to a member of Congress.

Use these links to find your Representative’s contact information and your Senator’s contact information._________PBS | Lesson plan: How DACA Demonstrates the Importance of Civic Engagement KQED | Lesson Plan: The History and Human Face of DACAAnti-Defamation League | What Should Be Done About DACA?

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