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Dan Mallory, a book editor turned novelist, is tall, good-looking, and clever.His novel, “The Woman in the Window,” which was published under a lightly worn pseudonym, A. Finn, was the hit psychological thriller of the past year. [ar Xiv] Jia Chen, Jiayi Wei, Yu Feng, Osbert Bastani, Isil Dillig. Zhengkai Wu, Evan Johnson, Wei Yang, Osbert Bastani, Dawn Song, Jian Peng, Tao Xie. [paper] Arbaaz Khan, Chi Zhang, Shuo Li, Jiayue Wu, Brent Schlotfeldt, Sarah Tang, Alejandro Ribeiro, Osbert Bastani, Vijay Kumar. Learning Neurosymbolic Generative Models via Program Synthesis. [paper] [extended] [ar Xiv] Sadra Sadraddini, Shen Shen, Osbert Bastani. [paper] [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Yani Ioannou, Leonidas Lampropoulos, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Aditya Nori, Antonio Criminisi.

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He repeated entertaining, upbeat remarks about his love of Alfred Hitchcock and French bulldogs.

When he made an unscheduled appearance at a gathering of bloggers in São Paulo, he was greeted with pop-star screams.

For such applications, there are many desirable correctness properties that machine learning models should satisfy, including safety, robustness, fairness, causality, and interpretability.

My work aims to address the following challenges: Osbert Bastani.

One evening in September, in Christchurch, New Zealand, Mallory sat down in the bar of the hotel where he and other guests of a literary festival were staying.

Tom Scott, an editorial cartoonist and a screenwriter, was struck by Mallory’s self-assurance, which reminded him of Sam Shepard’s representation of Chuck Yeager, the test pilot, in the film “The Right Stuff.” “He came in wearing the same kind of bomber jacket,” Scott said recently, in a fondly teasing tone. He sat down and plonked one leg over the arm of his chair, and swung that leg casually, and within two minutes he’d mentioned that he had the best-selling novel in the world this year.” Mallory also noted that he’d been paid a million dollars for the movie rights to “The Woman in the Window.” Scott said, “He was enjoying his success so much. An interactive approach to mobile app verification. Specification inference using context-free reachability. Randomization, sums of squares, near-circuits, and faster real root counting. Interactively verifying absence of explicit information flows in Android apps. [paper] [presentation] Osbert Bastani, Saswat Anand, Alex Aiken. [paper] [presentation] Osbert Bastani, Christopher Hillar, Dimitar Popov, Maurice Rojas.A film adaptation, starring Amy Adams and Gary Oldman, was shot in New York last year.Mallory has said that his second novel is likely to appear in early 2020—coinciding, he hopes, with the Oscar ceremony at which the film of “The Woman in the Window” will be honored.In a talk that Mallory gave at a library in Centennial, Colorado, soon after his book’s publication, he said, “I resorted to hypnotherapy, to electroconvulsive therapy, to ketamine therapy, to retail therapy.”In that talk, as in dozens of appearances, Mallory adopted a tone of witty self-deprecation.(An audience member asked him if he’d considered a career in standup comedy.) But Mallory’s central theme was that, although depression may have caused him to think poorly of himself, he was in fact a tremendous success. Although he may have read Rowling’s manuscript, it was not published on his recommendation. Learning Interpretable Models with Causal Guarantees. Poly Droid: Learning-Driven Specialization of Mobile Applications. [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Carolyn Kim, Hamsa Bastani. Eventually Sound Points-To Analysis with Missing Code. [paper] [extended] [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Yewen Pu, Armando Solar-Lezama. [paper] [ar Xiv] [presentation] [poster] [code] Osbert Bastani, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken, Percy Liang. [ar Xiv] Brian Heath, Neelay Velingker, Osbert Bastani, Mayur Naik. [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Xin Zhang, Armando Solar-Lezama. Relational Verification using Reinforcement Learning. REINAM: Reinforcement Learning for Input-Grammar Inference. Learning Safe Unlabeled Multi-Robot Planning with Motion Constraints. Polytopic Trees for Verification of Learning-Based Controllers. [paper] Osbert Bastani, Rahul Sharma, Lazaro Clapp, Saswat Anand, Alex Aiken. [paper] [extended] [ar Xiv] [presentation] [code] Yu Feng, Ruben Martins, Osbert Bastani, Isil Dillig. It had “worked,” Mallory noted, adding, “I’m very grateful.” He said that he still had ECT treatments once a year.“You knew he was telling us something that was really true,” Scott recalled.


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