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Anyone who has been involved in a task force, an athletic team, a committee or even a book club is familiar with aspects of Group Dynamics.You probably belong to several formal or informal groups and see the principles of this scientific focus at work, though you may not recognize the individual components of group behavior.Sometimes a group mindset emerges that is different from what individual members may think.

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Groups that have positive dynamics function better and are more creative.

Another concept relevant to the study of groups is intradynamics, or how groups relate to one another.

Over the past decade, however, the barriers between the disciplines have broken down, resulting in the new area of social economics.

Social economics is based on the assumption that individuals are directly influenced by the choices and characteristics of others, creating a feedback loop from the past choices of some people to the current social context and hence future choices of others.

Corporations often have teams of managers or others that are assigned to work on significant issues.

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Understanding the dynamics of such a group helps businesses identify strong leaders, avoid "negators" who criticize everyone and "blockers" who dominate discussion and create distractions.

He believed that groups possessed "phenomena" that did not exist in an individual.

Some of the traits he identified are common language, customs and religion.

Social movement groups (SMGs) are a key mechanism to connect individuals to each other and get them informed and mobilized on important social issues.

Sociologists of social movements have often found that political conversion on an issue occurs with activism, not prior to activism.


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