Edgar Allan Poe Tell-Tale Heart Essay

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By writing from the perspective of the narrator, readers are able to uncover his transformation and how the manifestations of his extreme nervousness paved the way for his fixation to the old man’s physical deformity.It is through his recognition of his obligation to remove the ‘evil eye’ from the old man motivates his quest for murder, validate his insanity and consequently continue to show his humanity through the symbolism brought forward by the beating heart he hears by himself.All of these add depth to the story and enables readers to uncover the character’s exploits despite being written from the perspective of an insane man.

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One of the evident themes highlighted in the story corresponds to man’s battle with psychological conditions.

Other than he is psychologically imbalanced, he does not possess the motive to do the act against the old man.

For instance, the story does not show his specific interest to the wealth of the person or demonstrate the hate against the old man (Mikansek 1).

The story moves forward as the narrator becomes fixated with the old man’s ‘vulture-like’ eye and plots to remove this evil from his body.

It is in this process that he kills the old man, dismembers the body and hides it under the floorboards.


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