Endnotes Of An Essay

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While it's preferable to give the full case name (such as Jones v Smith), in a timed examination you can get by with one name or the other.

Usually people pick the first party's name, unless it's a very common name or a criminal case.

Make your writing stand out rather than your design skills.

Sometimes it seems that students spend more time formatting the essay than they do writing it. Typically, citations in a regular essay or timed examination are placed in the text next to the proposition they support.

Remember also that extensive quotations from statutes – particularly if you are permitted to use the statute book in an otherwise closed examination – are not particularly impressive.

Endnotes Of An Essay

What is more important in those situations is your interpretation and use of the statute.If the pertinent section is very long or discusses issues that are not relevant to the point you are making, then go ahead and paraphrase.Similarly, if the point you are making is only tangential to your larger argument, a paraphrase may be appropriate.See the sample student essays in chapter 10 of the book for models.These suggestions are only guidelines to use if you do not receive more specific instructions from your tutor or lecturer.Once you have used the full name once, feel free to use a short citation, such as ' or 'the 1984 Act.' There's no need to keep repeating the full name.If you are writing your essay by hand, there is no need to use different coloured ink for a case or statutory citation. Regular essays and timed exams Long-term research essays and theses When should I quote and when should I paraphrase?When should I use footnotes, when should I use endnotes and when should I put the citation in the text? Cases Statutes Which reporting series should I use?Also, don't wait until the last minute to investigate your citation requirements.There's nothing worse than having to go back through all your research to add in specific page numbers or dates because you forgot to do it the first time.


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